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Long Lasting Tightening and Face Firming Results

Tightening and lifting your way to youth with Thread Lift treatment that leaves you looking 10 years younger in less than an hour!

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Golden Threads that Reverse the Clock

Thread lift is one of the non-surgical face-lift techniques in which threads are used to tighten parts of the face such as the cheeks and eyebrows, and the lower mouth and neck area in order to improve the shape of the face, eliminate wrinkles and give a youthful appearance to the skin.

The facelift with golden threads has an effective effect on the skin.  the golden threads produce fibers and collagen, which results in building new tissues that increase the thickness of the skin,  the renewal of the skin’s shape, and the removal of sagging and wrinkles. The temporary threads dissolve in the skin with results lasting about a year and a half.

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